The Board of the Securities Market Association has appointed a permanent secretariat to manage the activities of the association. The secretariat actively monitors developments and debate in matters that fall within the association’s duties, prepares agenda items for the association’s Board if necessary and acts as a point of contact between companies and other bodies related to the association’s activities.

The secretary of the Board of Directors and the Takeover Board is Ville Kajala.

The secretaries of the Market Practice Board are Tapani Manninen and Ville Kajala.

Other members of the secretariat are Hannu Ylänen, Jaakko Raulo, Johanna Sipola and Tommi Toivola.

Ville Kajala

Ville Kajala

Senior Advisor, Finland Chamber of Commerce

+358 50 376 1460

Tapani Manninen

Tapani Manninen

Associate General Counsel, Nasdaq Helsinki Oy

+358 9 6166 7210

Hannu Ylänen

Hannu Ylänen

Senior Adviser, Confederation of Finnish Industries EK

+358 9 4202 2246

Securities Market Association
c/o Finland Chamber of Commerce
P.O. Box 1000
FI-00101 Helsinki Finland

Business identity code: 2088700-8


We ask that future invoices be sent primarily as e-invoices.

Operator: Apix Messaging Oy (003723327487)
E-invoicing address: 003720887008
EDI/OVT: 003720887008

If you are unable to send e-invoices, please send the invoice by email to the purchase invoice scanning service:
Arvopaperimarkkinayhdistys ry (Apix skannauspalvelu)
P.O. Box 16112

In order for the scanning service to allocate your invoice, the invoicing address must also be printed on the invoice itself, not just on the envelope. No material other than invoices should be mailed to this invoicing address