Market Practice Board

The Market Practice Board, established by the Board of Securities Market Association, is responsible for following the development of corporate governance regulation and practices in the Finnish market and to promote good corporate governance in listed companies.

The Market Practice Board interprets and issues recommended decisions and opinions on the application of the Corporate Governance Code upon request or on its own initiative.

Composition of the Market Practice Board

Chair and vice chair of the Board:

  • Professor Seppo Villa, University of Helsinki, chair
  • Board Professional Eeva Ahdekivi, vice chair

Other members of the Market Practice Board:

  • General Counsel Tiina Halmesmäki, Capman Plc
  • Head of Responsible Investments Karoliina Lindroos, Ilmarinen Mutual Pension Insurance Company
  • Chief Legal Officer Esa Niinimäki, Nokia Corporation
  • Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Legal, Group General Counsel Sami Pauni, Huhtamäki Plc
  • Corporate Secretary Jaakko Raulo, Nasdaq Nordic Ltd
  • Deputy Chief Executive Johanna Sipola, Finland Chamber of Commerce
  • SVP M&A, Legal and Risk Jari Suvanto, Stora Enso Oyj
  • Senior Legal Counsel Anne Teitto, Sampo plc
  • Senior Adviser Hannu Ylänen, Confederation of Finnish Industries EK


  • Senior Advisor Ville Kajala, Finland Chamber of Commerce
  • Associate General Counsel Tapani Manninen, Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd

More information

Ville Kajala

Ville Kajala

Johtava asiantuntija, Keskuskauppakamari

+358 50 376 1460

Tapani Manninen

Tapani Manninen

Associate General Counsel, Nasdaq Helsinki Oy

+358 9 6166 7210


Rules of Procedure of the Market Practice Board

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